Julie mentioned on Newsweek

Some professionals have less patience for unmarried partners in troubled long-term, live-in relationships. “The problem is, the patterns that you develop ultimately are based on, ‘Well, heck, if it doesn’t work out, we’re not married,’ ” says Julie Nise, a relationship trainer and therapist based near Houston. “So you do not put in the same effort. Essentially, this is what I tell my dating couples: if he’s not good enough to be married to, then you don’t need to be living with him. Because all you’re doing is burning daylight.”
She says she believes that effective therapy is targeted, rather than habitual. “Then it’s an excellent idea,” she says, “but as an informational, assessment tool, not just to bitch about each other,” Nise says she also has noticed that people may think of therapy for the wrong reasons. “It’s a chi-chi, fun thing to do, to have a therapist,” she says.


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