4 Weeks to a Happier Relationship

This book is like being in a real marriage counselor’s office. There are clear explanations to understand where you got in the ditch, direct and common-sense suggestions to make changes and even step-by-step homework in the Companion Guide.  There are many real case examples from her clients, and lots of practical ideas to create a real, loving connection in your relationship.  Julie Nise, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, helps couples fix broken relationships and create new ways of loving each other to dramatically increase happiness. Though sometimes controversial, she is an outspoken advocate for strong marriages, healthy relationships, and future-oriented, no-nonsense advice.  4 Weeks will go by anyway — why not have a happier relationship by then?

“The single largest epidemic of our time is the destruction of male/female relationships. If you want to immunize yourself from the disaster of failed love and connection — then Julie Nise has finally shared the answer. Finally admitting that men and women may be equal but are not the same, Julie takes our understanding of couples’ relationships from pop culture caricatures to real healing connection. Thank God for this insight. Our children might have real hope for solid families.”


Author, Power Secrets Of Relationship Magic

Bismarck, ND

“Julie is a very special force in this world…and all who get the opportunity to be touched by her wisdom are very fortunate. I refer many of the guests from the Dr. Phil Show to Julie, always with utmost confidence that they are in the hands of someone with the power they need to affect positive changes in their lives. Julie Nise is the ‘Real Deal.’“


Resource Director, Dr. Phil Show

Hollywood, CA

“This book is incredible. Full of examples and powerful concepts, it shows step-by-step how to have love in any relationship.”


Author, How to Heal a Painful Relationship

Houston, TX

“Any couple willing to stop driving their marriage by looking through the rear-view mirror of the past and choose to drive forward with “4 Weeks to a Happier Relationship” as their road map will be successful. Julie reveals wisdom and common sense skills that allow ordinary people to have extraordinary lives through abundantly fulfilling marriages.”


Claremont, CA

“After having enough drama in my personal life to appear on the Dr. Phil Show, Julie Nise was assigned to me as part of the showʼs after-care program. If you really want to see if your relationship can work, and figure out how to have a better life in general, listen to what Julie has to say. My family life is better now than it has ever been and more enjoyable than I ever imagined.”


Dr. Phil Show Guest

Show #776 “In-law Threats”

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