Julie Nise The Public Speaker

From Resentment to Romance: Resentment and romance both take two hands to hold onto. Learn the four easy steps to transition from hurt feelings and anger to love and connection.

Affair-Proof Your Relationship: Discover how easy it is to feel close and connected whether you are together or apart. Learn your partner’s signals for connection with the opposite sex, so you can provide everything they need.

Making Each Other Feel Loved: Deepen intimacy, trust and romance. All communication is not the same. Learn which sensory preferences your partner has and how to communicate love in a way they will hear it and feel it best.

How to Have One Argument and Two Winners: Learn the foolproof success model for resolving conflict and being understood. Overcome the past habits and traps that keep you from resolving and moving past conflict.

Relationship Makeover: Take your relationship from a 2 to a 10 by implementing gender-related secrets about motivation, influence and desire.

Parenting Excellence: Show leadership and vision in how you raise your children into the adults they will become. Learn what punishment techniques fail and which ones work every time.

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